"Where to next, Sakura?" -Sasuke

Found an old doodle while organizing my files and I decided to color it~ SS and NH group date! I remember some asks requesting this ‘O’ well here you go~! I also added in another SS doodle// hurhur~

"Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars." —Nico Lang

Reposting the actual full size of Saku bby crying// the other one was a screencap zoomed in

And I tried animating something as a continuation of the drawing gif used☂

"She didn’t want anyone else’s attention- yours was enough to keep her from breaking."

I referenced this drawing after the song “Just Be Friends” by Luka ;v;

"She didn’t want anyone else’s attention- yours was enough to keep her from breaking."

I referenced this drawing after the song “Just Be Friends” by Luka ;v;

Anonymous asked: Will you be continuing your Konoha Dogs doujin?

I never announced this via tumblr, but unfortunately atm, I’m not going to continue the doujin along with my other doujinshi- “Under the Blue Sky…”

However, when I find some time and improvement in my drawing- I’m going to do a remake of those stories with the help of my younger brother, who’s going to co-write “Konoha Dogs!” So please be on the lookout in the future when I relaunch the series!

For now, I’ll be continuing to do short stories/comics, in which I will compile into anthologies. Anthologies Cherry and Tomatoes are completed and you can find them on my deviantart.

Anonymous asked: Oh i didn't know you could get those, it looks really nice, thank you for the link!!and thank you for your drawings, I really like your art style! :) it's v cute, and the coloring is nice~

Ahh it’s my pleasure! And thank you very much //cries a river//

Anonymous asked: How did you get your messages to have that cherry blossom wallpaper thing?

Ohh, that’s my dashboard theme, which is the Kyoukai no Kanata one. Install here » http://sugoi-dashboards.tumblr.com/post/78484787401/kyoukai-no-kanata-daisy-install

nonochuu asked: Hey! You're not going anywhere, right? ^^;

Oh no, I’m not haha I’ll still be around and active- posting things here and there ‘v’//

I think I’ll stick with writing/drawing doujins&comics from now on. Lately, new SS-ask blogs have been made and they’re doing a wonderful job! I kinda feel like a senpai now haha [well I did have predecessors as well]// SO FOLLOW THEM~!

As for me, I started this blog 2 years ago, answering Q’s the best I could in my free time as a high school student. Now that I am in college, that free time has doubled and I’d like to focus more on comics and illustrations of SasuSaku. I can take a breather now that others have taken on the fun task in answering SS-related questions. I’ve been neglecting questions as of late, I’m terribly sorry.

And so, thank you everyone for following this blog! I know it has lost it’s purpose as an ask-blog, but you’re welcome to message me anytime! The messages that I had received were the stepping stones to my improvement as an artist. Because I was able to take on so many requests, I was able to grow as an artist. I am truly grateful for your support, but I do hope you’ll continue to follow and move forward with me when I’m releasing new comics/doujins/illustrations/doodles.

Again, Thank-You Everyone! For following this blog from the beginning ‘til now. Please look forward to my future works from now on!